ZBK 5000 Watts Portable  Solar Generator

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Product Overview

Have power on the go when you need it and charge up to 15 devices at once with this EcoFlow Delta Max portable power generator and solar generator. Monitor and control the devices connected to this generator while you’re away using the EcoFlow app. This generator fully charges in just 1.8 hours when plugged into a wall outlet.
  • Huge expandable capacity-expandable 2,016 Wh capacity battery power station, link two extra batteries to get a massive 6,048 Wh
  • More than a solar generator, charge with AC, solar, car or the EcoFlow smart generator, charge to full in 1.8 hours via wall outlets, use dual charging to combine AC with the smart generator for industry leading speeds, pair solar plus AC, or solar plus the smart generator for outdoor use
  • 2,400-watt output to power up to 15 devices at once, power 3,400-watt appliances with X-boost on, ideal power generator for backup power
  • Portable power station with BMS protection, monitor voltage, current, short circuit and temp in real time, outdoor generator with a rugged build for travel and camping

What Comes With The 

Solar Generator


ZBK 5000 Watts (5kw) Solar Generator consists of the following:

1.      1 x 5,000w (5kw) Modified  sine wave off-grid inverter  

2.      1 x 30amp DC solar charger controller

3.     2 x 100watt   Solar Panels

4.      2 x 12vdc/100Ah Gel batteries 

ZBK solar generators are one of the most advanced D/C-A/C converters in the world.

Main advantages are:  

1.       High quality output Modified Sine Wave A/C Inverter

2.       Excellent Design

3.       Easy operation

4.      Stable

5.      no noise and no pollution.

Application Usage

Supplement current power supply, primary power source for places without electricity, rural area, residential, commercial, industrial, ship, stand-alone power stations.

Power Requirement

ZBK solar generators   A/C output can power tools, air-conditioners, electromotor, microwaves, refrigerators, lamps, TV and much more.

ZBK 5000 Watts Portable 

Solar Generator