What is a solar generator?

A solar generator is an alternative power source that uses the sun’s rays as electricity. Solar panels capture the sun’s energy, convert it into electricity, and store it in a backup battery power station for immediate or later use. The power harnessed from the sun and stored in the portable power station can supply your home with electricity during a power outage or emergency situation.

How do solar generators work?

1. Charge or Harness the Sun's Energy

Charge the backup battery power station from a solar panel, AC outlet, or carport.

2. Store Electricity for Up to One Year

When fully charged, store electricity in the battery for up to one year of emergency backup power.

3. Power Your Home Appliances

Power your devices from the stored energy by connecting them to your power station.

A solar generator usually includes solar panels and a backup battery power station. The solar panels collect the sun’s rays and convert it into energy, which is then stored in the backup battery power station. The backup battery power station supplies electricity to other devices and appliances via the standard AC output (110V) and various DC outputs (USB-A, USB-C, car outlet) when power is needed. Zerobills offers 50% higher solar power conversion efficiency, allowing you to harness and convert the sun’s rays in less time. With our Zerobills portable power station, you have the ability to power a wide range of home appliances and devices.

Portable Solar Power Generator

Power When You Need It whether preparing for a grid down situation or just looking for an inexpensive way to generate clean power, Solar Generator is a great solution. Compact, powerful and affordable.


No installation needed! Stand-alone, self contained solar power system consists of main generator unit and 100 watt solar panels. No need to connect to household wiring, just plug the solar panels into the solar power generator unit and you’re ready to go. The system supplies uninterrupted backup power for your Apartment, Condo, Home or RV.


Emergency Preparedness
It will power all of your essential home appliances and electronics during a power outage or emergency. Provides up to 100 amp hours of household electricity. Enough to run almost any electronic product or appliance you might connect to your home wall outlet. The Solar generator unit uses a rugged, well designed housing that is weather Resistant. The system is designed to operate inside not outside.


Experience Unlimited Power
Charge the ZB1500X from the sun with our portable solar panels while away from the grid and keep it topped off from a wall outlet when you’re home. Integrated charge controller ensures you’re getting the most efficient solar charge possible.


The system runs silently! Emits no fumes! No gas is needed! And is virtually maintenance free.

Put it on the patio and expose solar panel and the system will keep itself ready to operate for years. The Solar panels are guaranteed for the next 20 years and the internal electronics and battery for a full 5 years !!!

Enjoy 24/7 Uninterrupted Solar Power Supply

No Petrol

No Pollutions

No Oil

No Noise

No Monthly Bills

No More Power Failure

Zero Maintenance

Fire Your Electric Company Today


  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • POV Camera  
  • DSLR Camera
  • Head Lamp 
  • Light Bulbs
  • CPAP
  • Fan
  • Smart TV 
  • Pellet Grill
  • Microwave
  • Portable Mini Fridge
  • Full Size Refrigerator
  • Circular Saw 
  • Printer
  • Computer
  • Sound System
  • Internet Modem
  • Monitors,
  • Scanners
  • Game consoles
  • Satellite receivers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  •  Coffee machines
  • Blenders
  • Toasters

Our Packages

  • Utilize free energy from sunlight to power up/charge window air conditioner, mini fridge, washer, TV, computer, cooker, coffee maker, cooler, portable vacuum, fan, laptop, cell phone, ipad, camera
  • Energy efficient solar panel allows fast charging of the power station
  • Wall charger is included for charging power station by standard AC power from wall in case the sunlight is not available
  • Triple charging sources available – solar panel or wall charger or car cigarette lighter socket
  • Built-in 100AH deep cycle AGM battery – Safe and maintenance free, no spills, no leaks, no water to check
  • Built-in 1500 Watts AC inverter (3000 peak surge power) with AC outlet to power appliances
  • Built-in cigarette lighter socket allows to power up your electronics via DC 12v Output
  • Built-in USB port allows to charge your smartphone, tablet, or any other USB powered devices
  • Battery level indicator monitors the battery capacity and voltage – easy reading with LED back light digital display
  • Pre-assembled all in one solar cube is ready to use out of the package – plug-n-play
  • Solar expansion terminals are included for expanding with additional solar panels if more power is required
  • 25-ft long solar extension cables are included for extending the distance connecting solar panel if it is needed
  • Scroll wheels for easy-carry, Rugged and portable power station

  • Be Prepared. Never Be Without Power Again!
  • Portable Solar Generators for your RV, camping, tailgating, & other outdoor events.
  • Large Solar Generators for emergency situations, power outages & off-grid power.
  • Lithium Solar Generators lightweight & powerful systems. Super deep discharge & long battery life.

*Due to weight, batteries And Solar Panels will ship separately. Simply insert batteries into the case and attach two sets of cables*



Recharge from the sun by connecting a compatible solar panel. Charge times are dependent on the size of the solar panel. The Boulder 100 Briefcase will provide 100W of solar and fully recharge the Yeti 1500X in 18-36 hours of sun.


Plug it into the wall. Fully recharges in 14 hours using the included 120W Power Supply AC Wall Charger. Not quick enough? Drop your recharge time to 3 hours using the available 600W Power Supply or 7 hours with the 230W Power Supply


The 1500X can be charged by plugging into your 12V adapter using the  12V Car Charging Cable. NOTE: Do not attempt to charge your  Lithium from a 12V source using a regular charging cable. Doing so may cause damage to the unit.

The solar generator can be charged by plugging into your gas generator AC power output using the included 120W Power Supply AC Wall Charger.


Customizable, versatile energy storage system backs up four essential circuits in your home and scales to meet your specific power needs

Power everything from lights in high-use rooms and fridges to medical devices, internet modems, and more. Integrate directly with your home’s circuits for a more seamless backup power experience.


Take the step towards power independence while on the road by simply connecting your Solight Generator to your Solar Panels for unlimited power off grid.

Power everything from lights, 12V fridges, medical devices, fans, more.